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Australia/ New Zealand:

Confirm the quote by e-mail and call or fax us with your preferred payment information.

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When we send you the kit, we will charge your account $ 25.00 (AUD 25.00 EUR 20.00). which will be credited to you on your invoice. The kit contains everything you need to ship your sail to us.

Pack your sails according to the enclosed instructions.

Note: We are not responsible for lost hardware such as battens and loose lines, not built permanently into the sail.

Drop off your package at a UPS location OR call UPS (1-800-PICK-UPS) for a pick up. 

Note: We are not responsible for lost hardware such as battens and loose lines, not built permanently into the sail.

Typical turnaround time is 3-5 business days plus shipping time.

Important notice: The very nature of what we are doing is to clean sails and canvas,  that have already been in use for several years and - hopefully - hundreds of enjoyable miles. But since we do not know what conditions they have been exposed to or for how long they have been in use, there is NO explicit, nor ANY implied warranty on the work we do.

Please, go to the section 'Legal matters and disclaimer' to read more >

Remove battens and other loose items and flake your sail, preferably stacking in the leech end.
Download PDF for print here >

Roll up the flaked sail from the leech end as tightly as possible and tie it with the sail tie that you received in the shipping kit.

This will avoid the sail being exposed in the event the plastic wrapper chafes during shipment.

Put the sail in one end, so you have excess plastic on both sides.

Fold in the ends and tape securely making sure the wrapper is as tight and compressed as possible. You want to eliminate any loose part of the wrapper by taping the corners and creases.  

Attach the provided shipping label on the large front surface, so that it is easy to spot and read. You are ready to send...

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