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Vacu-Wash® is a unique way of cleaning and removing mildew from large areas of fabric such as yacht sails, tents, awnings and marine canvas.

Cleaning within the fibers.
The item is placed in a stainless steel tank. Once all of the air is removed by vacuum, the cleaning solution is introduced. Because of the high vacuum state, the cleaning agents completely penetrate the fabric.

Gentle and effective.
Unlike the “scrub and rub” or the tumble machine methods - the Vacu-Wash® process uses no agitation or abrasion. This prolongs the life of the fabrics and maintains the properties of the material.

Each item has it's own recipe.
The cleaning and rinsing solutions are chosen specifically for the type of material, fabric or fibers being treated. Prior to cleaning, our experienced staff adjusts the solutions to get the most effective blend.

Tried and true.
After our extensive research of the materials and the solutions, we had an independent laboratory test our results. They confirmed that our methods are safe on the fabrics we treat.

Watch the Scuttlebutt interview at Newport International Boat Show 2013 with Jeff Andersen here

Green and clean
We refer to Vacu-Wash® as the “green and clean” method. We are able to use the solutions more than once and all the ingredients in are environmentally friendly.

After the cleaning process the fabrics are hung to air dry in a humidity controlled room. No drying machines are used which saves energy and the environment.

Effective? You decide!
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